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STEM Ambassador David Whale, worked alongside local Hertfordshire schools including Dr. James Dalley & James Dent at Richard Hale School, in Hertford to look at opportunities for developing innovative solutions for the Raspberry Pi, that will both interest and inspire local students, and help to incentivise them to further their personal interest in computers and programming.


The start of this process was through SETPOINT Hertfordshire and the STEMNET contract.  The objective has been to meet with local teachers, students and lecturers from Cambridge University and members of the Raspberry Pi initiative, to identify some potential projects that could successfully be run in schools as part of a half-day or day long workshop.  A number of these ideas are to be developed further by under-graduates over the summer period, with a view to presenting a selection of these back to the group so that they can be considered for further development.


Our hope is that through this process, we will have the opportunity to work with schools to bring some of these ideas to fruition, and help to ignite the creative spark amongst students who have a passion for technology.



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