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Nuffield Future Researchers (updated Nuffield Research Placements)


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nuffield Research Placements has been redesigned in 2020. The new look, online only programme – Nuffield Future Researchers -  offers an exciting alternative to the traditional scheme.


The Nuffield Future Researchers programme will provide a meaningful and rewarding research experience where students will develop essential science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills by working with a professional researcher on a live research question and embark on new and innovative ways of working within a virtual learning environment.


This programme helps you to:


•   Support young people and diversify your workforce.

•   Provide your staff with opportunities to apply and develop their coaching, mentoring and     management skills.

•   Work with bright, capable students to  complete a variety of tasks including data analysis, scoping and research reviews                                    

•   Fulfil your public engagement, widening participation and corporate and social responsibility goals by working with students from disadvantaged backgrounds

•   Forge strong links with schools and colleges in your local area. .


Supported by their research supervisor and local coordinator, students will journey through online modules and tasks, during which they will:


•  Gain knowledge of, and confidence in, essential professional skills, such as communication, problem        solving, and time and Resource Management

•  Develop research skills such as critical thinking and using the internet as a research tool, as well as gaining understanding of different research methods and their ethical implications

 • Build on the numerical skills they have learned at school or college and learn how to gather, manage and analyse data.

•  Investigate, in collaboration with a professional researcher, a live research question. This will include selecting the most appropriate methods to investigate the question, making good use of materials and sources available and applying the research skills and software packages identified in preceding modules.  

•  Communicate their findings by producing a written research report and poster/video, which will be reviewed by you, their research supervisor, and local coordinator and submitted to the Nuffield Foundation


The Nuffield Foundation has announced a very clear plan on how the new programme will work and there are very structured learning modules for the students to follow and complete on their own; Details of the modules can be found here:


Nuffield Future Researchers Modules


These are designed to prepare and effectively support the students with skills and confidence to complete a research task.  A key part of this is modules 4, 5 and 6 which are supervised by the task provider. The task can be a research question, data analysis task or literature review to give a few examples.  Unlike previous years, this can be for a two week period.


What happens next? We are looking for a well-supervised but independent research project suitable for a 16/17 year-old. Projects must centre around a specific research question and build upon the essential, research, numerical and data analytical skills outlined above.  


The programme will be managed via the same network of regional coordinators and the eligibility criteria are unchanged, including the provision of bursaries of £400 for eligible students. We will also be talking to students about their homeworking environment to see if we can help. It would be useful to know if you think your project has any special requirements that you think we can help with e.g. access to specialist software, key resources via journal paywalls etc.


If you have any questions or would like further information please contact Sally Moore ([email protected])