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Become a Genome Decoders school


The Genome Decoders project is looking for new schools to join the programme. Genome Decoders offers year 12 and 13 students a fantastic opportunity to get first-hand experience of bioinformatics, working alongside scientists at the Wellcome Genome Campus to identify and annotate all the genes in the Human Whipworm genome. You don’t need specialised equipment - just a computer with internet access. Training materials and videos are also provided to get you started.


If you would like to join the Genome Decoders project please contact Steve Greenwood at the Institute for Research in Schools (info@researchforschools.org)


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NEW Cool for School competition which aims to teach K3 students the principles behind refrigeration in a fun and informative way. The competition is designed to challenge students to explore the science, technology, engineering and mathematical principles that underlie refrigeration processes, and come up with a simple experiment or presentation to demonstrate one of these. Students just need to send in their video along with completed submission and entry forms to be in with a chance to win a fantastic range of science kit prizes for your school packed with equipment, books and ideas to make science lessons cool and engaging!


Details are as follows:


•Who is it for? Key stage 3 students


•What can my students win? The first prize is a science kit packed with equipment, books and ideas worth £2,000


•When does the competition close? 1 December 2019


•Where do I get more details? https://www.fantasticfridges.com/CoolingScience/icesaltexperiment


Lacking inspiration? Get some ideas from their dedicated YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/tqaTdA29dcU .


The web site www.fantasticfridges.com is also an excellent source to get a better understanding of the principles of refrigeration and how vital our sector is to modern living.

The Salters' Festivals of Chemistry 2020


Applications are now open for the Salters' Institute Festivals of Chemistry! Apply now to avoid disappointment. Places are not offered on a first come, first served basis but do apply before priority entry closes on the 31 January for the best chance of attending your Festival of choice.


In 2020, two Festival programmes are being run throughout the UK and Ireland.


Festivals of Chemistry (AGES 11-13)

Festivals of Chemistry (AGES 13-14)


The full list of Festivals can be found on our website, but this year we are also holding Festivals of Chemistry at 8 new venues:


  • Aston University - Tuesday 14 July

  • Brunel University London - Thursday 25 June

  • University of Chester - Wednesday 8 July

  • Loughborough University - Tuesday 23 June

  • University of the Highlands and Islands (Inverness College) - Wednesday 10 June

  • Royal Holloway, University of London - Friday 5 June

  • Teesside University - Wednesday 1 April

  • University of Worcester - Wednesday 24 June


Find out where all 75 of the 2020 Festivals are taking place by clicking on the link below!